Vein Imaging: A New Method of Near Infrared Imaging, Where a Processed Image Is Projected onto the Skin for the Enhancement of Vein Treatment

  title={Vein Imaging: A New Method of Near Infrared Imaging, Where a Processed Image Is Projected onto the Skin for the Enhancement of Vein Treatment},
  author={Roberto Kasuo Miyake and Herbert D. Zeman and Flavio Henrique Duarte and Rodrigo Kikuchi and Eduardo Ramacciotti and Gunnar L{\o}vh{\o}iden and Carlos Vrancken},
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BACKGROUND A new noninvasive vein imaging device initially developed for phlebotomy has been tested for the first time for vein treatment. [...] Key MethodMATERIALS AND METHODS A pilot study on 23 subjects with varicose veins and telangiectasias was performed.Expand
Near‐Infrared Fluorescence Venography: A Navigation System for Varicose Surgery
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This method enabled easy, safe, and accurate diagnoses, simplified the search for veins during the operation, and minimized surgical invasiveness in varicose vein surgery. Expand
Real-time dual-modal vein imaging system
A vein imaging system to combine reflectance mode visible spectrum images (VIS) with transmission mode near-infrared (NIR) images in real time that can be applied for IV placement, morphological analysis for disease state detection, and biometric analysis is presented. Expand
Contrast enhancement for the infrared vein image of leg based on the optical angular spectrum theory
An annulus Butterworth filter was more effective to reduce the hair noise and simultaneously enhance the contrast of the venous images on leg than the others, thereby an all-optical treatment for the contrast enhancement of a veins image being possible in the future. Expand
Near-infrared image formation and processing for the extraction of hand veins
Results of the extracted vein pattern are presented demonstrating the utility of the method for a clinical application like the diagnosis of vein disease, of primitive varicose vein and also for applications in vein biometrics. Expand
Vein Pattern Locating Technology for Cannulation: A Review of the Low-Cost Vein Finder Prototypes Utilizing near Infrared (NIR) Light to Improve Peripheral Subcutaneous Vein Selection for Phlebotomy
The development of a low-cost effective near infrared (NIR) vein finder remains in the phase of improvement, and increasing the number of parameters and participants/human for actual testing of the prototypes must also be taken into consideration for possible commercialization. Expand
Visualizing veins from color images under varying illuminations for medical applications
  • Ru Jia, Chaoying Tang, Biao Wang
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Vein patterns can be successfully visualized from RGB images without any professional equipment and shows promising potential to be used in clinical diagnosis and treatment of some venous insufficiency. Expand
A vein display system based on three-dimensional reconstruction
Venipuncture is the most common way of all invasive medical procedures. A vein display system can make vein access easier by capturing the vein information and projecting a visible vein image ontoExpand
Contrast enhancement of mid and far infrared images of subcutaneous veins
A simple procedure to enhance the contrast of infrared images of subcutaneous veins is presented. This procedure implies the topical application of a substance which modifies the energy transferExpand
Visualizing Veins With Near-Infrared Light to Facilitate Blood Withdrawal in Children
This study showed promising results on the value of an NIR vascular imaging system in facilitating venipunctures. Expand
Near-infrared vascular imaging in peripheral venous and arterial access
The VascuLuminator was able to visualize blood vessels in most patients, and was clinically useful in venipunctures, but was not clinically beneficial for intravenous cannulation in a general pediatric population. Expand


Prototype vein contrast enhancer
The VCE is an instrument that makes vein access easier by capturing an infrared image of peripheral veins, enhancing the vein-contrast using software image processing, and projecting the enhanced vein-image back onto the skin using a modified commercial projector. Expand
Localized vascular dilatations of the human skin, capillary microscopy and related studies.
It is concluded that the spider telangiectasias represent, basically, venous or possibly capillary structures, and that the possibility of development of typical “spider telangIectases” through an intermediate stage of the “arborizing” type should be considered. Expand
[Surgical treatment of telangiectasis].
This procedure should be considered the method of choice in the treatment of telangiectasis resulting from obvious venous reflux. Expand
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