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Vehicle Tracking at Urban Intersections Using Dense Stereo

  title={Vehicle Tracking at Urban Intersections Using Dense Stereo},
  author={Alexander Barth and David Pfeiffer and Uwe Franke},
A new approach for vehicle tracking at urban intersections based on stereo-vision is proposed. Objects are represented as rigid 3D point clouds and tracked by means of extended Kalman filtering. In this contribution we combine the advantages of a generic feature-based 3D point cloud model with vehicle specific geometrical and kinematical constraints to estimate the pose and motion state of oncoming vehicles at intersections. Real-time dense stereo disparity maps provide new opportunities in… 

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Tracking oncoming and turning vehicles at intersections
  • A. BarthUwe Franke
  • Computer Science
    13th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • 2010
A real-time multi-filter approach for vehicle tracking at intersections with a gauge consistency criteria as well as a robust outlier detection method allow for dealing with sudden accelerations and self-occlusions during turn maneuvers.
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