Vegetative state after closed-head injury. A Traumatic Coma Data Bank Report.

  title={Vegetative state after closed-head injury. A Traumatic Coma Data Bank Report.},
  author={Harvey S. Levin and Christy L. Saydjari and Howard M. Eisenberg and Mary A. Foulkes and L. F. Marshall and Ronald M. Ruff and John Anthony Jane and Anthony Marmarou},
  journal={Archives of neurology},
  volume={48 6},
To elucidate the clinical course of the vegetative state after severe closed-head injury, the Traumatic Coma Data Bank was analyzed for outcome at the time of discharge from the hospital and after follow-up intervals ranging up to 3 years after injury. Of 650 patients with closed-head injury available for analysis, 93 (14%) were discharged in a vegetative state. In comparison with conscious survivors, patients in a vegetative state sustained more severe closed-head injury as reflected by the… CONTINUE READING

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