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Vegetation Survey of the Brigalow Research Station, Theodore, Queensland

  title={Vegetation Survey of the Brigalow Research Station, Theodore, Queensland},
  author={Robert William Johnson},

The Brigalow Catchment Study: I ∗ . Overview of a 40-year study of the effects of land clearing in the brigalow bioregion of Australia

This paper describes a long-term, paired-catchment study, its broad findings, and considerations for future resource management of brigalow lands in north-eastern Australia. The Brigalow Catchment

Management of biodiversity in Australia.

The concept of holistic ecosystem research, termed community-physiology, has gradually developed over the last 150 years. The discipline of community-physiology investigates the physico-chemical

Plant Formations in the Queenslandian BioProvince

Because of the complexity of these forests it is difficult to assign broadly recognizable forest types and there is a tendency for certain species, such as Lindsayomyrtus brachyandrus or the endemic Backhousia bancroftii (Myrtaceae) to monopolize the upper canopy of small stands.

The Brigalow Catchment Study: III. Productivity changes on brigalow land cleared for long-term cropping and for grazing

Productivity of grain crops and grazed pastures inevitably declines without soil nutrient replacement and may eventually make these enterprises unprofitable. We monitored these declines in