Vegetation, insects, molluscs and stable isotopes from Late-Würm deposits at Lobsigensee (Swiss Plateau)

  title={Vegetation, insects, molluscs and stable isotopes from Late-W{\"u}rm deposits at Lobsigensee (Swiss Plateau)},
  author={Brigitta Ammann and Louis Chaix and U. Eicher and Scott A. Elias and M H Gaillard and Wladimir Hofmann and Ulrich Siegenthaler and Kazimierz Toboiski},
At a littoral site of Lobsigensee northwest of Bern pollen (including Betula, pollen size measurements), plant macrofossils, Coleoptera, Trichoptera, Chironomidae, Ceratopogonidae, Mollusca, delta-18C and delta-13C from Late-Wurm sediments were studied. In the clay of Oldest Dryas the expansion of Betula nana was recorded from the level where the first Coleoptera, Trichoptera and Mollusca occurred and a change in the chironomid fauna took place. The transition from Oldest Dryas to Bolling was… CONTINUE READING