Vectorization vs. compilation in query execution

  title={Vectorization vs. compilation in query execution},
  author={Juliusz Sompolski and M. Zukowski and P. Boncz},
  booktitle={DaMoN '11},
  • Juliusz Sompolski, M. Zukowski, P. Boncz
  • Published in DaMoN '11 2011
  • Computer Science
  • Compiling database queries into executable (sub-) programs provides substantial benefits comparing to traditional interpreted execution. Many of these benefits, such as reduced interpretation overhead, better instruction code locality, and providing opportunities to use SIMD instructions, have previously been provided by redesigning query processors to use a vectorized execution model. In this paper, we try to shed light on the question of how state-of-the-art compilation strategies relate to… CONTINUE READING
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