Vector eigenmodes in a cylindrical laser

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Eigenmodes characterized by distinct polarization states for the resonator configuration known as the High-Extraction Decentered Annular Ring Resonator (HEXDARR) have been found. The effects of internal annular optical elements (waxicons, reflaxicons, and cones) as well as coatings and mode rotation are included. For a good design, the low-order mode polarization states are nearly circular, with the polarization ellipse orientation and phase angle slightly spatially dependent across the near… 
Modeling of rear cone misalignment in the annular resonator
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A new rear cone decentration model has been implemented in the cylindrical resonator optical quality (CROQ) code, which simulates the performance of the ALPHA annular resonator. The new model avoids


Performance of an annular resonator with a polarizer in the annular leg.
The objective of these experiments was to control the polarization in an annular laser and to verify computer code predictions, and the experimental results were in good agreement with the computer code calculations.
Annular resonators for high-power chemical lasers
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    Photonics West - Lasers and Applications in Science and Engineering
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The background of interest in Resonator devices is traced, the various concepts that have been experimentally and analytically investigated are described, and the issues associated with their operation are discussed.
Synthesis of the vector resonator modes from scalar results.
A technique is presented in which the full vector solution for resonator modes is synthesized from the known scalar solution to predict the behavior of a resonator when an imperfect coating on the rear cone results in a phase shift between the s and p polarizations.
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