Vector and host relationships of California serogroup viruses in western Siberia.


During 1990 and 1991, adult mosquitoes were collected along the Ob River and its tributaries in western Siberia from approximately 51 degrees 18'N to 66 degrees 4'N. Fifteen virus strains were isolated from 74,196 mosquitoes tested in 1,874 pools. These included Tahyna virus from Aedes cataphylla-punctor subgroup (one) and Ae. excrucians (one), and Inkoo (INK) virus from Ae. communis (one), Ae. communis subgroup (one), Ae. hexodontus (two), Ae. punctor subgroup (two), Ae. punctor complex (one), and unidentified Aedes species (three). In addition, a single Ae. euedes yielded a strain of snowshoe hare (SSH) virus and a strain of Getah, an alphavirus. A Bunyamwera serogroup virus was isolated from Ae. excrucians. With the exception of the two isolates from a single mosquito, minimum infection rates among mosquito taxa ranged from 0.4 to 16.7 per 1,000. The INK virus isolates were widely distributed geographically; however, seven of the 10 isolates were from two sites north of the Arctic Circle. During 1991, sera from two mouse species, five vole species, and four shrew species were collected along the upper Ob River for serologic tests. The prevalence of neutralizing antibody to SSH virus in these sera was 80%. Prevalence rates in the four most abundant species were Apodemus agrarius, 73%; Clethrionomys rutilus, 71%; Microtus arvalis, 80%; and Sorex araneus, 91%. This is the first attempt to clarify the vector and vertebrate host relationships of California serogroup viruses in western Siberia.


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