Vector Meson Photoproduction with a Linearly Polarized Beam

  title={Vector Meson Photoproduction with a Linearly Polarized Beam},
  author={Jpac Collaboration V. Mathieu and J. Nys and C'esar Fern'andez-Ram'irez and Andrew W. Jackura and Alessandro Pilloni and Nathan Sherrill and Adam P. Szczepaniak and G. F. Fox},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We propose a model based on Reggae theory to describe photoproduction of light vector mesons. We fit the SLAC data and make predictions for the energy and momentum-transfer dependence of the spin-density matrix elements in photoproduction of omega, rho degrees and phi mesons at E-gamma similar to 8.5 GeV, which are soon to be measured at Jefferson Lab. 

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