Vaults are up-regulated in multidrug-resistant cancer cell lines.

  title={Vaults are up-regulated in multidrug-resistant cancer cell lines.},
  author={Valerie A. Kickhoefer and Kavitha S Rajavel and George L. Scheffer and William S Dalton and Rik J. Scheper and Leonard H Rome},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={273 15},
Vaults are 13-MDa ribonucleoprotein particles composed largely of a 104-kDa protein, termed major vault protein or MVP, and a small vault RNA, vRNA. While MVP levels have been found to increase up to 15-fold in non-P-glycoprotein multidrug-resistant cell lines, the levels of vault particles have not been investigated. As both the function of vault particles and the mechanism of drug resistance in non-P-glycoprotein cells are unknown, we decided to determine whether vault synthesis was coupled… CONTINUE READING

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