Vaticanol C, a resveratrol tetramer, activates PPARα and PPARβ/δ in vitro and in vivo

  title={Vaticanol C, a resveratrol tetramer, activates PPARα and PPARβ/δ in vitro and in vivo},
  author={Tomoko Tsukamoto and R. Nakata and Emi Tamura and Y. Kosuge and Aya Kariya and Michiko Katsukawa and S. Mishima and T. Ito and Munekazu Iinuma and Y. Akao and Y. Nozawa and Y. Arai and S. Namura and H. Inoue},
  journal={Nutrition & Metabolism},
  pages={46 - 46}
  • Tomoko Tsukamoto, R. Nakata, +11 authors H. Inoue
  • Published 2010
  • Medicine
  • Nutrition & Metabolism
  • BackgroundAppropriate long-term drinking of red wine is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Resveratrol, a well-known SIRT1 activator is considered to be one of the beneficial components contained in red wine, and also developed as a drug candidate. We previously demonstrated that resveratrol protects brain against ischemic stroke in mice through a PPARα-dependent mechanism. Here we report the different effects of the oligomers of resveratrol.MethodsWe evaluated the… CONTINUE READING
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