Vasovagal reactions in apheresis donors.

  title={Vasovagal reactions in apheresis donors.},
  author={Tadao Tomita and Miyuki Takayanagi and Kimie Kiwada and Akemi Mieda and Chiyoko Takahashi and Tadayoshi Hata},
  volume={42 12},
BACKGROUND The incidence rate of vasovagal reactions (VVRs) in apheresis is known to be higher in women than in men donors. VVRs in women apheresis donors were therefore analyzed to find out possible factors for their high incidence. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS VVR incidence was compared between whole blood (WB) and apheresis donation in relation mainly to age and circulatory blood volume (CBV). In addition, blood pressure and pulse rate were measured during apheresis. RESULTS In WB donors… CONTINUE READING

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