Vasopressin regulation of the renal UT-A3 urea transporter.

  title={Vasopressin regulation of the renal UT-A3 urea transporter.},
  author={Gavin S. Stewart and Angela Thistlethwaite and Hazel Anne Lees and G. J. Cooper and Craig P Smith},
  journal={American journal of physiology. Renal physiology},
  volume={296 3},
Facilitative urea transporters in the mammalian kidney play a vital role in the urinary concentrating mechanism. The urea transporters located in the renal inner medullary collecting duct, namely UT-A1 and UT-A3, are acutely regulated by the antidiuretic hormone vasopressin. In this study, we investigated the vasopressin regulation of the basolateral urea transporter UT-A3 using an MDCK-mUT-A3 cell line. Within 10 min, vasopressin stimulates urea flux through UT-A3 transporters already present… CONTINUE READING


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