Vasopressin receptor antagonists: from pivotal trials to current practice.

  title={Vasopressin receptor antagonists: from pivotal trials to current practice.},
  author={Ankur Kalra and Valmiki Maharaj and Steven Goldsmith},
  journal={Current heart failure reports},
  volume={11 1},
Heart failure is a growing health and economic problem in America, and outcomes continue to remain dismal, particularly for those presenting with acute heart failure syndrome (AHFS). In theory, arginine vasopressin antagonists (VRAs) could be useful in both acute and chronic heart failure, depending on which vasopressin receptor is targeted. Most studies of VRAs in heart failure have focused on V2 receptor antagonism, and to a lesser extent on combined V1a/V2 antagonism, due to the availability… CONTINUE READING


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