Vasopressin (V1) receptor characteristics in rat aortic smooth muscle cells.

  title={Vasopressin (V1) receptor characteristics in rat aortic smooth muscle cells.},
  author={Venkat Gopalakrishnan and Yuan Jian Xu and Prakash V. Sulakhe and Christopher R. Triggle and J. Robert McNeill},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={261 6 Pt 2},
We report saturable, high-affinity, specific, reversible binding sites for both [3H]arginine vasopressin ([3H]AVP) and d(CH2)5Tyr(Me)-[3H]AVP, a V1-selective antagonist, in cultured smooth muscle cells obtained from rat aorta (RA) and rat mesenteric artery (RMA). Specific binding of [3H]AVP had the following characteristics in adherent monolayers of RA and RMA smooth muscle cells: dissociation constant (KD) = 1.42 and 1.23 nM and maximal binding capacity (Bmax) = 9,500 and 29,910 sites/cell… CONTINUE READING


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