Vasilij von Biskupskij - Eine Emigrantenkarriere in Deutschland

  title={Vasilij von Biskupskij - Eine Emigrantenkarriere in Deutschland},
  author={Bettina Dodenhoeft},
‘Iron Cross of the Wrangel’s Army’: Russian Emigrants as Interpreters in the Wehrmacht
This article is based on little-known sources and unpublished documents and traces the fates of some White Army veterans, who during WWII served in the German Army, holding a rank of sonderführer.
Russian Political Parties in Exile
Anarkhisty: Dokumenty i materialy, 1883–1935 gg. [The Anarchists: Documents and Materials, 1883–1935]. 2 vols. Edited by V. V. Kriven′kii. Moscow: ROSSPEN, 1998–99. ISBN 5-86004-068-7. Part of the