Vascular pharmacology of epoxyeicosatrienoic acids.

  title={Vascular pharmacology of epoxyeicosatrienoic acids.},
  author={Sandra L. Pfister and Kathryn M. Gauthier and William Campbell},
  journal={Advances in pharmacology},
Epoxyeicosatrienoic acids (EETs) are cytochrome P450 metabolites of arachidonic acid that are produced by the vascular endothelium in responses to various stimuli such as the agonists acetylcholine (ACH) or bradykinin or by shear stress which activates phospholipase A(2) to release arachidonic acid. EETs are important regulators of vascular tone and homeostasis. In the modulation of vascular tone, EETs function as endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factors (EDHFs). In models of vascular… CONTINUE READING


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