Vascular dementia: a cognitive SPET-CBF activation study.

  title={Vascular dementia: a cognitive SPET-CBF activation study.},
  author={Vittorio Di Piero and Margaret J. Giannini and Maura Bragoni and Edoardo Vicenzini and Silvia Di Legge and M. Elena Altieri and Patrizia Pantano and Gian Luigi Lenzi},
  journal={Cerebrovascular diseases},
  volume={12 1},
OBJECTIVE We investigated the pattern of regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) responses to a cognitive task in vascular patients with and without dementia. METHOD We studied 8 controls and 18 vascular patients by quantitative rCBF assessed by (133)Xe inhalation method and SPET, both at rest and during a cognitive figure recognition task. Eight were mildly demented and 10 were nondemented vascular patients. According to their task performance, 12 patients were classified as 'good performers… CONTINUE READING