[Vascular changes in the ocular fundus in patients with coronary artery disease].


Confrontation of coronary arteriography, i.e. the exact invasive diagnostic method and the direct method of gaining an insight into the blood vessels of the fundus of the eye by the "in vivo" method was aimed at elucidating the fact to which extent the atherosclerotic changes in these two vessel systems were confronted. Changes in the blood vessels of the fundus, ECG changes and some of the risk factors were investigated in 52 patients who had undergone coronary arteriography. Changes in the sense of stenosing atherosclerosis of changed arteries were found in 38 patients and in 26 (68.4%) of them atherosclerotic changes in the fundus of the eye were also observed, while in 31 (81.5%) cases ECG changes were registered pointing to compromised coronary circulation. In 14 cases coronary arteriography showed the absence of atherosclerotic changes, while the positive finding obtained by ophthalmoscopy was confirmed only in one of them (7.1%). According to the results obtained, it was pointed out that the study of the fundus of the eye in addition to electrocardiogram and the existence of risk factors may serve as a reliable method in practice for the verification of atherosclerotic degree in general and ischaemic heart disease in particular in the framework of the atherosclerotic process.

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