Vascular anomalies: portwine stains and hemangiomas.

  title={Vascular anomalies: portwine stains and hemangiomas.},
  author={Zeina S Tannous and Nelly G Rubeiz and Abdul-Ghani M Kibbi},
  journal={Journal of cutaneous pathology},
  volume={37 Suppl 1},
In 1995, Dr Martin Mihm, already a renowned dermatopathologist in melanoma, met a desperate mother whose daughter was diagnosed with a hemangioma, the most common benign vascular tumor of infancy. At that time, the literature on the subject was sparse, only a handful of treatment centers existed, and virtually no pathologists took a focused interest in the subject. Dr Mihm’s interest in the area grew not only from meeting the mother but also from his personal experiences with the condition. Dr… CONTINUE READING