Vascular and epithelial junctions: a barrier for leucocyte migration.

  title={Vascular and epithelial junctions: a barrier for leucocyte migration.},
  author={Sarah Garrido-Urbani and Paul F. Bradfield and Boris P-L Lee and Beat Albert Imhof},
  journal={Biochemical Society transactions},
  volume={36 Pt 2},
Rapid mobilization of leucocytes through endothelial and epithelial barriers is key in immune system reactivity. The underlying mechanisms that regulate these processes have been the basis for many recent studies. Traditionally, leucocyte extravasation had been believed to occur through a paracellular route, which involves localized disruption of endothelial cell junctions. However, more recently, a transcellular route has been described involving the passage through the endothelial cell body… CONTINUE READING


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