[Vascular access lines: use of biologic grafts].


To ensure vascular access, a biological graft was inserted in 44 patients from August 1982 to February 1985 at the Department of Urology, Pitié Hospital, Paris. Forty-nine grafts were used, including 39 saphenous veins and 10 carotid arteries from calves. Four patients free of renal failure had insertion of a graft to allow chemotherapy (3 cases) or… (More)


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@article{Bitker1985VascularAL, title={[Vascular access lines: use of biologic grafts].}, author={Marc-Olivier Bitker and Jacques B Rottembourg and Christian Chatelain}, journal={Annales d'urologie}, year={1985}, volume={19 4}, pages={225-7} }