Vasari’s Biography of Bazzi as ‘Soddoma’: Art History and Literary Analysis

  title={Vasari’s Biography of Bazzi as ‘Soddoma’: Art History and Literary Analysis},
  author={Jeanne Morgan Zarucchi},
  journal={Italian Studies},
  pages={167 - 190}
Abstract In his famous Lives (second edition, 1568), Renaissance artist Giorgio Vasari addressed the painter Giovanni Antonio Bazzi as ‘Soddoma’ (implying sodomite) and described him as mad, eccentric, and bestial. For the next 450 years, the majority of art historians have accepted Vasari’s biography as factual, and have viewed Bazzi’s art as reflecting his immoral character. This article approaches Vasari’s text not as a record of historical events, but as a work of prose, applying the… 


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