Variovorax defluvii sp. nov., isolated from sewage.

  title={Variovorax defluvii sp. nov., isolated from sewage.},
  author={Long Jin and Kwang Kyu Kim and Chi-Yong Ahn and Hee-Mock Oh},
  journal={International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology},
  volume={62 Pt 8},
A polyphasic taxonomic study was carried out on 2C1-b(T) and 2C-21, two strains isolated from sewage flowing into River Geumho in Korea. Cells of the two strains were Gram-negative, non-spore-forming, motile and oval or rod-shaped. Comparative 16S rRNA gene sequence studies showed a clear affiliation of these two isolates with members of the Betaproteobacteria; they were most closely related to Variovorax boronicumulans KCTC 22010(T), Variovorax dokdonensis KCTC 12544(T), Variovorax… CONTINUE READING