[Various histochemical aspects of chorionic villi].

  • E Laureti
  • Published 1978 in
    Bollettino della Societa italiana di biologia…


Detail studies on a diastasic digested leucofuxin coloured citotrofoblastic and synciziotrophoblastic villus cells permitted to localize chorion glicoprotein concentration almost exclusively in the proximal portion of the trophoblastic syncitium. Furthermore, like in the epatic tissue, but unlike the findings in some other sites such as sarcolemma… (More)


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@article{Laureti1978VariousHA, title={[Various histochemical aspects of chorionic villi].}, author={E Laureti}, journal={Bollettino della Societa italiana di biologia sperimentale}, year={1978}, volume={54 23}, pages={2450-6} }