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Various Types of Antenna with Respect to their Applications : A Review

  title={Various Types of Antenna with Respect to their Applications : A Review},
  author={Abdul Qadir Khan and Muhammad Riaz and Anas Bilal},
Antenna is the most important part in wireless communication systems. Antenna transforms electrical signals into radio waves and vice versa. The antennas are of various kinds and having different characteristics according to the need of signal transmission and reception. In this paper, we present comparative analysis of various types of antennas that can be differentiated with respect to their shapes, material used, signal bandwidth, transmission range etc. Our main focus is to classify these… 
A Review on Various types of Microstrip Antennas for Wireless Communication
Innovation of new types of antennas that is smart antennas (adaptive array antenna or multiple antenna) plays very important role in recent trends. Antenna is the major part in wireless communication
An Overview of Millimeter-wave Antennas
The increased data traffic and change in the requirements of users paved the way for exploring the unexplored millimeter range of frequencies, which are best suitable for communication purposes, especially for 5G applications.
Designing the Symmetrical Eight-Tooth-Shaped Microstrip Antenna for Wi-Fi Applications
The problem of designing a symmetrical eight-tooth-shaped microstrip dual-band Wi-Fi antenna (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) is considered and a family ofWi-Fi dual- band antennas with a certain ratio of length to depth of rectangular cutouts of the radiator is selected by analyzing the models.
Designing the Four-Tooth-Shaped Microstrip Antenna for Wi-Fi Applications
  • A. Markina, D. Tumakov
  • Physics
    2019 1st International Conference on Control Systems, Mathematical Modelling, Automation and Energy Efficiency (SUMMA)
  • 2019
A monopole microstrip antenna with the radiator having two pairs of rectangular teeth of different sizes is considered. The influence of the size of the teeth and the position of the cutouts between
Design and analysis of circular patch antenna for WBAN at terahertz frequency
Abstract A compact circular patch antenna operating at terahertz frequency is presented. Designed antenna has a substrateof length 100 μm, width of 100 μm and thickness of 10μm. Radius of the patch
Design of T Slot Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for S Band Applications
In this paper, the T slot shaped micro strip patch antenna is designed on FR4 substrate. The length and width of proposed antenna is 32.5mm and 25.2mm. The T slot shaped antenna is simulated on IE3D
Designing a Single-Band Monopole Six-Tooth-Shaped Antenna with Preset Matching
  • A. Markina, D. Tumakov
  • Physics, Computer Science
    2020 IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium (EWDTS)
  • 2020
An approach to design using regression models of a tooth-shaped antenna for the desired wireless network parameters is presented and optimization problems are constructed and numerically solved, which allows to quickly determine the optimal values of the geometric parameters of the tooth- shaped radiator.
Design of optical antenna operating at Terahertz frequency for In-Vivo cancer detection
Abstract Terahertz (THz) frequency is finding vast application in health monitoring and disease diagnosis as it has been proven safe for humans. This paper presents design and steps involved in
A Hybrid Approach for Antenna Optimization Using Cat Swarm based Genetic Optimization
This hybrid optimization approach will reduce the side lobe level and provide improvement in the Directivity of the antenna, showing better diversity and significant savings of overall optimization cost compared with the previously reported design methods.
Comparative Analysis of Mobile Generations Regarding Technical Aspects
Development in human society is the essence of experience abandoned by each being through each innovation. We have seen the quick headway in the field of wireless systems that is from a


Small Antennas in Wireless Communications
The four key technologies related to small antenna designs to be reviewed and discussed, including multiband planar inverted-F antennas, broadband folded patch antenna, compact differentially fed antennas, and miniature circularly polarized patch antennas, would cover a wide range of topical interests and practical applications.
An integrated spiral antenna system for UWB
As wireless communication applications require more and more bandwidth, the demand for wideband antennas increases as well. For instance, the ultra wideband radio (UWB) utilizes the frequency band of
Ultra wideband L-loop antenna
The antenna design for ultra wideband (UWB) signal radiation is one of the main challenges of the UWB system, especially when low-cost, geometrically small and radio efficient structures are required
Gain and Directivity Analysis of the Log Periodic Antenna
In telecommunication, a log-periodic antenna is a broadband, multi element, directional, narrow-beam antenna that has impedance and radiation characteristics that are regularly repetitive as a
Antenna theory and design
Provides a solid understanding of the underlying theories and principles as well as the information necessary for designing and building many classes of antennas. Covers the topic from three angles;
A reconfigurable U-Koch microstrip antenna for wireless applications
In this paper, a low-cost multiband printed-circuit-board (PCB) antenna that employs Koch fractal geometry and tunability is demonstrated. The antenna is fabricated on a 1.6mm-thick FR4- epoxy
Gain Enhancement of the Helical Antenna
The helical antenna is also called as the helix antenna. Generally the Helical antennas are using for the satellite communication and space communication because this type of antennas are provide the
Vivaldi Antennas for Microwave Imaging: Theoretical Analysis and Design Considerations
  • M. Chiappe, G. Gragnani
  • Engineering, Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement
  • 2006
A scaling principle is derived for the exponential tapering of the antenna, and a closed-form model for the current distribution is provided, and such theoretical results are in good agreement with several numerical simulations performed by using the NEC2 code.
Left-Handed Dipole Antennas and Their Implementations
A new type of dipole antenna using a left-handed transmission line is proposed. The antenna is composed of a transmission line loaded periodically with shunt inductors and series capacitors. The
Frequency Reconfigurable U-Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna
A frequency reconfigurable microstrip patch antenna is presented. It is found that the incorporation of a U-slot in the patch can provide a flat input resistance and a linear input reactance across a