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Various Anti IP Spoofing Techniques

  title={Various Anti IP Spoofing Techniques},
  author={Sonal Patel and Vikas Jha},
  journal={Journal of Engineering Computers & Applied Sciences},
  • Sonal Patel, Vikas Jha
  • Published 2015
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of Engineering Computers & Applied Sciences
  • Anti IP Spoofing techniques prevent your system or your Network from the IP Spoofing. IP Spoofing is attack that takes place in Network. It is used to gain unauthorized access to computer by spoofing the IP Address from the IP (Internet Protocol) Packet Header. The main Purpose of IP Spoofing attack is to hide the true identity of the attacker. IP Spoofing is used by the popular attacks like Dos (Denial o Service), DDos (Distributed Denial of Service), and Man in Middle. This Paper Describe… CONTINUE READING
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