Various Alkaloid Profiles in Decoctions of Banisteriopsis Caapi

  title={Various Alkaloid Profiles in Decoctions of Banisteriopsis Caapi},
  author={J. Callaway},
  journal={Journal of Psychoactive Drugs},
  pages={151 - 155}
  • J. Callaway
  • Published 2005
  • Medicine
  • Journal of Psychoactive Drugs
  • Abstract Twenty nine decoctions of Banisteriopsis caapi from four different sources and one specimen of B. caapi paste were analyzed for N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), tetrahydroharmine (THH), harmaline and harmine. Other plants were also used in the preparation of these products, typically Psychotria viridis, which provides DMT. There were considerable variations in alkaloid profiles, both within and between sample sources. DMT was not detected in all samples. Additional THH may be formed from… CONTINUE READING
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