Variola louti ( Perciformes : Epinephelidae ) in the Mediterranean Sea: Incidental introduction or aquarium release?

  title={Variola louti
 ) in the Mediterranean Sea: Incidental introduction or aquarium release?},
  author={Nikolas Michailidis and Ioannis Manitaras and Giacomo Bernardi and Periklis Kleitou},
  journal={Journal of Applied Ichthyology},
Conflicting interests and growing importance of non‐indigenous species in commercial and recreational fisheries of the Mediterranean Sea
Non- indigenous species (NIS) are spreading and reshaping Mediterranean Sea biological communities and fishery resources. The present study used fisheries data and structured interviews to assess the


New Mediterranean Biodiversity Records 2019
Caesio varilineata carpenter, 1987 (Osteichthyes: Caesionidae) a new alien fish in the southeastern mediterranean sea
The variable-lined fusilier Caesio varilineata Carpenter, 1987 is firstly reported from the northwestern coast of Egypt in February 2018, constituting the first record in the Mediterranean Sea.
Dipterygonotus balteatus (Valenciennes, 1830) (Teleostei: Caesionidae), a new alien fish in the Mediterranean Sea
The mottled fusilier Dipterygonotus balteatus is a midwater planktivorous fish, native to the tropical Indo-Pacific realm. Here we document the first record of five individuals of this species
Universal primer cocktails for fish DNA barcoding
The results show that M13-tailed primer cocktails are more effective than conventional degenerate primers, allowing barcode work on taxonomically diverse samples to be carried out in a high-throughput fashion.
Red Sea fishes in the Mediterranean Sea: a preliminary investigation of a biological invasion using DNA barcoding
A preliminary DNA barcode library for alien Mediterranean fishes of probable Red Sea origin in the Mediterranean Sea is presented, showing that most species could be identified, yet the data also uncovered some taxa with unresolved taxonomy and possible cases of unrecognized or cryptic species invasions.
The Biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea: Estimates, Patterns, and Threats
Overall spatial and temporal patterns of species diversity and major changes and threats were assessed, and temporal trends indicated that overexploitation and habitat loss have been the main human drivers of historical changes in biodiversity.
APE: Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution in R language
UNLABELLED Analysis of Phylogenetics and Evolution (APE) is a package written in the R language for use in molecular evolution and phylogenetics. APE provides both utility functions for reading and
Impacts of invasive alien marine species on ecosystem services and biodiversity: a pan-European review.
Stelios Katsanevakis*, Inger Wallentinus, Argyro Zenetos, Erkki Leppakoski, Melih Ertan Cinar, Bayram Ozturk, Michal Grabowski, Daniel Golani and Ana Cristina Cardoso European Commission, Joint