Varieties of autogynephilia and their relationship to gender dysphoria

  title={Varieties of autogynephilia and their relationship to gender dysphoria},
  author={Ray Blanchard},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
  • R. Blanchard
  • Published 1 June 1993
  • Psychology
  • Archives of Sexual Behavior
The relationship between gender dysphoria and autogynephilia (erotic arousal in men associated with the thought or image of themselves as women) was investigated. Subjects were 238 nonhomosexual male outpatients divided into three groups: 94 reporting they were most aroused sexually by images of themselves as nude women, 67 most aroused by images of themselves as women in underwear, and 77 most aroused by images of themselves as fully clothed women. These were compared on questionnaire measures… 
Partial versus complete autogynephilia and gender dysphoria.
It is confirmed that men who are sexually aroused at the thought of having a vulva are more likely to want to be women.
The she-male phenomenon and the concept of partial autogynephilia.
Some patients with a persistent desire for women's breasts but no or conflicted desires to live as women full-time or undergo vaginoplasty may be pacified with mildly feminizing doses of estrogenic hormones.
Other Aspects of Autogynephilic Sexuality
In this chapter, transsexual informants discussed several additional aspects of autogynephilic sexuality. Many reported that autogynephilic fantasies were obligatory for achieving orgasm. Some
Autogynephilia in Women
  • C. Moser
  • Psychology
    Journal of homosexuality
  • 2009
An Autogynephilia Scale for Women (ASW) was created from items used to categorize MTFs as autogynephilic in other studies to test the possibility that natal women also experience aut misogynephilia.
Autogynephilia: A Paraphilic Model of Gender Identity Disorder
SUMMARY Autogynephilia is defined as a male's propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as female. Autogynephilia explains the desire for sex reassignment of some
Autogynephilia: A Paraphilic Model of Gender Identity Disorder
SUMMARY Autogynephilia is defined as a male's propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as female. Autogynephilia explains the desire for sex reassignment of some
Manifestations of Autogynephilia
The transsexual informants reported all four types of autogynephilia described in the scientific literature: transvestic (erotic arousal associated with the act or fantasy of wearing women’s
Who are gynandromorphophilic men? Characterizing men with sexual interest in transgender women
Compared to heterosexual men, GAMP men were relatively more aroused by GAM erotic stimuli than by female erotic stimuli, and scored higher than both heterosexual and homosexual men on a measure of autogynephilia, indicating that Gamp men are especially likely to eroticize the idea of being a woman.
Early History of the Concept of Autogynephilia
The writer’s research on the taxonomy of gender identity disorders in biological males suggested that heterosexual, asexual, and bisexual transsexuals are more similar to each other—and to transvestites—than any of them is to the homosexual type, and that the common feature in transvestite and the three types of non-homosexual transsexuals is a history of erotic arousal.
Theory and Case Histories
After proposing in 1989 that some MtF transsexuals experienced autogynephilia—the propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of oneself as a female—Blanchard continued to conduct


The concept of autogynephilia and the typology of male gender dysphoria.
  • R. Blanchard
  • Psychology
    The Journal of nervous and mental disease
  • 1989
The hypothesis that the major types of nonhomosexual gender dysphoria constitute variant forms of one underlying disorder, which may be characterized as autogynephilicGender dysphoria is supported.
The classification and labeling of nonhomosexual gender dysphorias
It is concluded that the main varieties of nonhomosexual gender dysphoria are more similar to each other than any of them is to the homosexual type.
Clinical observations and systematic studies of autogynephilia.
It is concluded that the concept of autogynephilia is needed to fill a gap in the current battery of concepts and categories for thinking about gender identity disorders.
Age, Transvestism, Bondage, and Concurrent Paraphilic Activities in 117 Fatal Cases of Autoerotic Asphyxia
The greatest degree of transvestism was associated with intermediate rather than high levels of bondage, suggesting that response competition from bondage may limit asphyxiators' involvement in a third paraphilia like transvestistan.
Transsexuals who have not undergone surgery: A follow-up study
All transsexuals who had not undergone surgery indicated that they were experiencing the same degree of difficulty with respect to social adjustment as at the time of diagnosis, and slight improvements were seen in patients with an unaltered wish for surgery.
Pornography and perversion.
  • R. Stoller
  • Psychology, Art
    Archives of general psychiatry
  • 1970
PORNOGRAPHY is a daydream in which activities, usually but not necessarily overtly sexual, are projected into written or pictorial material to induce genital excitement in an observer. No depiction
Research Methods for the Typological Study of Gender Disorders in Males
Adult male gender patients present with such diverse signs and symptoms that one cannot assume that they are all suffering from the same disorder or that they will all respond optimally to the same
Clinical variants among applicants for sex reassignment
A description of some patients from one series and a broader diagnostic scheme for their classification are offered, including patients falling into the gray areas between diagnostic categories.
The transsexual syndrome in males. II. Secondary transsexualism.
Secondary transsexualism is defined as transsexualism developing in homosexuals and transvestites regressively under conditions of stress. Secondary transsexuals, homosexual and transvestitic, are ...
Studies in the Psychology of Sex
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