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Varieties of Power in Transnational Labor Campaigns Understanding Workers ’ Structural , Institutional , and Coalitional Power in the Global Economy

  title={Varieties of Power in Transnational Labor Campaigns Understanding Workers ’ Structural , Institutional , and Coalitional Power in the Global Economy},
  author={Marissa Brookes},
Workers are increasingly cooperating across national borders in campaigns aimed at influencing employers to improve or maintain wages, working conditions, and labor rights. These transnational labor alliances all exercise power in their attempts to alter the behavior of employers. Nevertheless, the nature and exercise of workers’ power in transnational campaigns is under-theorized in the literature and only partially understood in practice. In order to understand why some transnational labor… 
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Unions facing global capital, or representing migrant workers, or both, should adopt a strategy of: (1) insisting, to the extent possible, on representation of workers by national labour movements
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Is it Labor's Turn to Globalize? Twenty-first Century Opportunities and Strategic Responses
  • P. Evans
  • Economics, Political Science
  • 2010
Neoliberal globalization is commonly seen as the nemesis of labor. A counter-thesis is offered here. Neoliberal capitalism threatens labor at every level, from the local to the national to the