Varieties of Groupoids with Axioms of the Form

  title={Varieties of Groupoids with Axioms of the Form},
  author={Ǵorǵi {\vC}upona and Naum Celakoski and Biljana Janeva}
  • Ǵorǵi Čupona, Naum Celakoski, Biljana Janeva
The subject of this paper are varieties U(M ;N) of groupoids defined by the following system of identities {x · y = xy : m ∈ M} ∪ {x · y = xy : n ∈ N}, where M,N are sets of positive integers. The equation U(M ;N) = U(M ;N ) for any given pair (M,N) is solved, and, among all solutions, one called canonical, is singled out. Applying a result of Evans ([6… CONTINUE READING