Varicocele and Nutcracker Syndrome

  title={Varicocele and Nutcracker Syndrome},
  author={Afshin Mohamadi and Mohammad Ghasemi-rad and Nikol Mladkova and Sima Masudi},
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Objective. Varicocele is a vascular lesion commonly associated with infertility. Its etiology is only partly understood; hence, the purpose of the study was to establish its correlation with intrinsic anatomic differences and nutcracker syndrome. Methods. A total of 93 patients with varicocele and 76 patients without varicocele were enrolled. The diagnosis of varicocele was based on physical examination, followed by sonographic evaluation of the hilar portion and aortomesenteric portion (AMP… 

Association Between Left Renal Vein Entrapment and Varicocele Recurrence: A Cohort Study in 3042 Patients

There is association between LRVE andvaricocele recurrence, and varicocele patients with LRVE have higher probability of recurrence rate after varicocelectomy, and BMI could be a risk factor of LRVE.


The treatment of varicocele by laparoscopic approach began to be practiced in the clinic about four years ago, and although it is still being perfected (long duration of surgery and long duration of hospitalization), the results are encouraging.

A novel surgical approach for the treatment of nutcracker syndrome presenting as loin pain haematuria syndrome

A 36-year-old man with a 10-year history of recurrent episodes of loin pain and a single episode of macroscopic haematuria presented with a massive unilateral left varicocele, and a decision was made to transpose the left gonadal vein surgically onto the left external iliac vein.

Low body mass index in nutcracker phenomenon: an underrecognized condition.

To the Editor: We read with interest the nephrology image on ‘Physical finding of nutcracker phenomenon’ by Matsubara et al.1 They reported the case of a 16-year-old adolescent boy with orthostatic

Nutcracker Syndrome Accompanying Pelvic Congestion Syndrome; Color Doppler Sonography and Multislice CT Findings: A Case Report

A 27-year-old woman who experienced hematuria and left flank pain was reported, and the diagnosis of NCS accompanied by pelvic congestion syndrome was missed initially, but later on the diagnosis was made by color Doppler ultrasound, abdominal computed tomography and CT angiography.

Nutcracker phenomenon presenting as loin pain haematuria syndrome

A 19-year-old female presented with bilateral severe loin pain associated with recurrent macroscopic haematuria. A provisional diagnosis of loin pain haematuria syndrome was made; the severity and

Surgical management of adolescent varicocele: Systematic review of the world literature

This work sought to review the published literature in a systematic manner to gain an overview and streamline the presentations and main treatment modalities of symptomatic varicocele.

Left renal atrophy.

Left renal atrophy may be significantly higher than the right side in human being due to the stronger arterial wall protecting itself from compression and high prevalences of SM and left varicocele in population.

Breaking open the case of one patient's acute left flank pain: nutcracker syndrome

The following case discusses a rare syndrome involving a young man with flank pain and a few other symptoms, which are more rare and difficult to diagnose.



Effects of varicocele on male fertility.

  • J. Jarow
  • Medicine
    Human reproduction update
  • 2001
There appears to be a significant difference between adults and adolescents with respect to a progressive deterioration of semen parameters and it is clear that subclinical varicoceles do not play a major role in male infertility.

Is the presence of venous reflux really significant in the diagnosis of varicocele?

For assessing the severity of clinically evident varicocele, the clinician should not use venous reflux as the sole predictor because of its high incidence in all grades of varicoceles.

Nutcracker syndrome: diagnosis with Doppler US.

Doppler US of the LRV with measurement of the AP diameter and PV may be useful in diagnosing the nutcracker syndrome.

Nutcracker syndrome: an underdiagnosed cause for hematuria?

The importance of its early inclusion in the differential diagnosis of left-sided hematuria because of the need for special testing for its diagnosis is emphasized.

Nutcracker syndrome: an underdiagnosed cause for hematuria?

The importance of the early inclusion of the Nutcracker Phenomenon in the differential diagnosis of left-sided hematuria because of the need for special testing for its diagnosis is emphasized.

Varicocele and the testicular‐renal venous route: hemodynamic Doppler sonographic investigation.

The decrease in flow velocity in the left renal vein proximal to the bifurcation of the superior mesenteric artery from the aorta supports the "nutcracker" theory.

Incidence of varicocele in normal men and among men of different ages.

A study of the frequency of varicocele in apparently normal men and of its incidence among men of different ages has therefore been made.