Varicella-zoster virus meningo-rhombencephalitis presenting as Ramsey Hunt.

  title={Varicella-zoster virus meningo-rhombencephalitis presenting as Ramsey Hunt.},
  author={Diego Kaski and Nicholas Davies and Barry M Seemungal},
  volume={79 23},
A 45-year-old woman on etanercept for rheumatoid arthritis presented with an acute right Bell palsy and auricular herpetic rash (Ramsey Hunt syndrome). Despite IV acyclovir, she developed headache, vertigo, severe vomiting, and evidence of a right peripheral audiovestibular loss (figure 1, A and B, video 1 on the Neurology® Web site at Ongoing symptoms indicated CSF examination, which showed a pleocytosis and positive varicella-zoster PCR, and anMRI that displayed abnormal… CONTINUE READING