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Variations on average character degrees and solvability

  title={Variations on average character degrees and solvability},
  author={Neda Ahanjideh and Zeinab Akhlaghi and Kamal Aziziheris},
. Let G be a finite group, F be one of the fields Q , R or C , and N be a non-trivial normal subgroup of G . Let acd ∗ F ( G ) and acd F ,even ( G | N ) be the average degree of all non-linear F -valued irreducible characters of G and of even degree F -valued irreducible characters of G whose kernels do not contain N , respectively. We assume the average of an empty set is 0 for more convenience. In this paper we prove that if acd ∗ Q ( G ) < 9 / 2 or 0 < acd Q ,even ( G | N ) < 4, then G is… 



ATLAS of Finite Groups

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