Variations of the social: some reflections on public health, social research and the health-society relation

  title={Variations of the social: some reflections on public health, social research and the health-society relation},
  author={P Rojas},
  journal={Saude E Sociedade},
  • P. Rojas
  • Published 1 June 2015
  • Political Science
  • Saude E Sociedade
The idea of a social dimension of health is widely accepted as unavoidable and relevant for public health. This article proposes a reflection around the notion of the social examining some of the manifold ways in which it might be inherited by researchers, professionals, administrative staff and material settings involved in the practices of public health care. It will be argued that this inheritance has deep consequences for efforts of care inasmuch these different versions of the social… 
The psychosocial diagnosis of gender in public health: propos and application through a case study
A methodological diagnostic tool for the field of public health from an interdisciplinary perspective that articulates the biological, psychological, and social dimensions of human health from a post-structuralist and feminist perspective and epistemology is presented.
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This essay considers the boundaries between the sociology of medicine and social medicine and the reasons distinctions are maintained between the two disciplines. To investigate, the essay asks what


Towards a sociology of disease.
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Foucault, Health and Medicine
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Sociology of diagnosis: a preliminary review.
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  • 2009
Through this preliminary review, a number of threads of medical sociology that potentially contribute to this proposed sociology of diagnosis are drawn together, including the place of diagnosis in the institution of medicine, the social framing of disease definitions, the means by which diagnosis confers authority to medicine, and how that authority is challenged.
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Proving or Improving: On Health Care Research as a Form of Self-Reflection
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  • Medicine
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The author argues that instead of trying to turn the clinic into a laboratory, the authors should strive to support and strengthen clinical ways of working.
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