Variations of capitate morphology in the wrist.

  title={Variations of capitate morphology in the wrist.},
  author={Naoya Yazaki and Sean T. Burns and Randal P. Morris and Clark R. Andersen and Rita M. Patterson and S. F. Viegas},
  journal={The Journal of hand surgery},
  volume={33 5},
PURPOSE This anatomical study details and categorizes variations in capitate morphology and associated structures in the human cadaveric wrist. METHODS We dissected 107 cadaveric wrists. Capitate morphology, the presence of capitate and hamate ridges, the lunate types, and the width of the medial hamate facet of type II lunates and 4th carpometacarpal joint types were recorded. RESULTS Three types of capitate were identified. The flat type (69/107, or 65%) was characterized by a… CONTINUE READING


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