Variations in the expression of granulocyte antigen NB1.

  title={Variations in the expression of granulocyte antigen NB1.},
  author={Kazuhiko Matsuo and A Lin and Jo Lynn Procter and Laurence Cl{\'e}ment and Dr David F. Stroncek},
  volume={40 6},
BACKGROUND Between 87 and 97 percent of whites express NB1 alloantigen on some but not all of their granulocytes. The expression of NB1 has not been compared among large groups of adults of different sexes, ages, and ethnic groups. Previous testing of whites suggests that the expression of NB1 is variable. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Serologic testing of granulocytes from 224 persons with two examples of MoAb to NB1 (1B5 and 7D8) was performed to distinguish phenotypic differences among age, sex… CONTINUE READING

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