Variations in Nucleus Accumbens Dopamine Associated with Individual Differences in Maternal Behavior in the Rat

  title={Variations in Nucleus Accumbens Dopamine Associated with Individual Differences in Maternal Behavior in the Rat},
  author={F. Champagne and P. Chr{\'e}tien and C. Stevenson and T. Y. Zhang and A. Gratton and M. Meaney},
  journal={The Journal of Neuroscience},
  pages={4113 - 4123}
  • F. Champagne, P. Chrétien, +3 authors M. Meaney
  • Published 2004
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of Neuroscience
  • Lactating rats exhibit stable individual differences in pup licking/grooming. We used in vivo voltammetry to monitor changes in extracellular dopamine (DA) in the nucleus accumbens (n. Acc) shell of lactating rats interacting with pups and found that (1) the DA signal increased significantly with pup licking/grooming; (2) the onset of such increases preceded pup licking/grooming; and (3) the magnitude and duration of the increase in the DA signal were significantly correlated with the duration… CONTINUE READING
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