Variations in H2O+/H2O ratios toward massive star-forming regions

  title={Variations in H2O+/H2O ratios toward massive star-forming regions},
  author={Friedrich Wyrowski and F. van der Tak and Fabrice Herpin and Alain Baudry and Sylvain Bontemps and L. Chavarria and Wilfred W.F. Frieswijk and Thierry Jacq and Matthieu Marseille and Russ Shipman and Ewine Fleur van Dishoeck and Arnold O. Benz and P. Caselli and Michiel R. Hogerheijde and Doug Johnstone and Ren{\'e} Liseau and R Eiros Bachiller and Milena Benedettini and Edwin A. Bergin and Per Bjerkeli and G. Blake and Jonathan Braine and Simon Bruderer and Jos'e Cernicharo and Claudio Codella and F. Daniel and Alessandro Di Giorgio and Carsten Dominik and Steven D. Doty and Pierre Encrenaz and Michael Fich and Asunci{\'o}n Fuente and Teresa Giannini and Javier R. Goicoechea and Th. de Graauw and Frank Helmich and Greg J. Herczeg and Jes K J{\o}rgensen and Lars Erik Kristensen and B{\"o}rje Larsson and Dariusz Lis and Carolyn McCoey and Gary J. Melnick and Brunella Nisini and Michael Olberg and Berengere Parise and John C Pearson and Ren{\'e} Plume and Christophe Risacher and Jos{\'e} Santiago and Paolo Saraceno and Mario Tafalla and Tim A. van Kempen and Ruud Visser and Susanne F. Wampfler and Umut A. Yildiz and John H. Black and Edith Falgarone and Maryvonne Gerin and Pieter R. Roelfsema and Pieter Dieleman and D. Beintema and Andre de Jonge and Nicholas D. Whyborn and Jurgen Stutzki and V. Ossenkopf},
  • Friedrich Wyrowski, F. van der Tak, +63 authors V. Ossenkopf
  • Published 2010
  • Physics, Psychology
  • Early results from the Herschel Space Observatory revealed the water cation H2O + to be an abundant ingredient of the interstellar medium. Here we present new observations of the H2 Oa nd H 2O + lines at 1113.3 and 1115.2 GHz using the Herschel Space Observatory toward a sample of high-mass star-forming regions to observationally study the relation between H2 Oa nd H 2O + . Nine out of ten sources show absorption from H2O + in a range of environments: the molecular clumps surrounding the… CONTINUE READING

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