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Variation of the fine structure constant

  title={Variation of the fine structure constant},
  author={A. Lipovka and Ivan A. Cardenas},
  journal={arXiv: General Physics},
In present paper we evaluate the fine structure constant variation which should take place as the Universe is expanded and its curvature is changed adiabatically. This changing of the fine structure constant is attributed to the energy lost by physical system (consist of baryonic component and electromagnetic field) due to expansion of our Universe. Obtained ratio (d alpha)/alpha = 1. 10{-18} (per second) is only five times smaller than actually reported experimental limit on this value. For… Expand
Physics on the adiabatically changed Finslerian manifold and cosmology
In present paper, we confirm our previous result [5] that the Planck constant is adiabatic invariant of the electromagnetic field propagating on the adiabatically changed Finslerian manifold. DirectExpand
Planck’s h and Structural Constant s 0
Application of Maxwell’s equations and the theory of relativity on the processes in atoms with real oscillator leads to the structural constant of atoms s0 = 8.278692517. Measurements show that theExpand
N ov 2 01 7 Rotation Curves and Dark Matter
  • 2017
In present paper we argue that to explain the shape of the Rotation Curves (RC) of galaxies, there is no need to involve the concept of dark matter. Rotation curves are completely determined by theExpand
Duane Hunt Relation Improved
In present paper the Duane-Hunt relation for direct measurement of the Planck constant is improved by including of relativistic corrections. New relation to determine the Planck constant, suggestedExpand
Testing the violation of the equivalence principle in the electromagnetic sector and its consequences in f(T) gravity
A violation of the distance-duality relation is directly linked with a temporal variation of the electromagnetic fine-structure constant. We consider a number of well-studied $f(T)$ gravity modelsExpand


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