Variation of perfluoropropane disappearance after vitrectomy.

  title={Variation of perfluoropropane disappearance after vitrectomy.},
  author={Sanford M Meyers and J S Ambler and Meliha Tan and James Cunha Werner and Suber S. Huang},
  volume={12 4},
In complex cases of retinal detachment, perfluoropropane (C3F8) is frequently used after vitrectomy for tamponade of retinal breaks. Results of previous studies of C3F8 disappearance using 10% C3F8 after vitrectomy in human eyes have differed significantly. A wide variation in the decay rate and half life of C3F8 after vitrectomy was observed in eyes that had similar clinical settings and received the same C3F8 concentration (15%, 20%, or 25%). This occurred even in those eyes where there was… CONTINUE READING