Variation of hadron masses in finite nuclei


The quark-meson coupling model, based on a mean-field description of nonoverlapping nucleon bags bound by the self-consistent exchange of σ, ω and ρ mesons, is extended to investigate the change of hadron properties in finite nuclei. Relativistic Hartree equations for spherical nuclei have been derived from a relativistic quark model of the structure of bound nucleons and mesons. Using this unified, self-consistent description of both infinite nuclear matter and finite nuclei, we investigate the properties of some closed-shell nuclei, and study the changes in the hadron masses of the non-strange vector mesons, the hyperons and the nucleon in those nuclei. We find a new, simple scaling relation for the changes of the hadron masses, which can be described in terms of the number of non-strange quarks in the hadron and the value of the scalar mean-field in a nucleus. PACS numbers: 12.39.Ba, 21.60.-n, 21.90.+f, 24.85.+p 1

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