Variation of flow propagation velocity with age.


Flow propagation velocity is a new color Doppler M-mode measurement of left ventricular filling characteristics. This study was designed to establish normal values for this measurement in healthy individuals and to compare these findings with pulsed Doppler transmitral velocities. Complete M-mode, two-dimensional, and Doppler echocardiographic studies were performed on 64 volunteers between 21 and 79 years of age. Significant negative correlations (p < 0.001) with age were noted for flow propagation velocity (r = -0.59), peak early diastolic filling velocity (r = -0.65), and peak early diastolic filling/peak atrial filling ratio (r = -0.80). Positive correlations (p < 0.001) with age were observed for peak atrial filling velocity (r = 0.50) and atrial filling velocity integral (r = 0.71). Flow propagation velocity decreased by 44% between the youngest and oldest age groups. We conclude that flow propagation velocity is influenced by age and that it compares favorably with transmitral Doppler indices of left ventricular filling in this regard. These age-related alterations are present in healthy individuals, in the absence of any apparent cardiovascular disease.


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