Variation in nuclear DNA in the genus Secale

  title={Variation in nuclear DNA in the genus Secale},
  author={Michael D. Bennett and Jacqueline P. Gustafson and Janet B. Smith},
Estimates of the 4C DNA amount per nucleus in 16 taxa of the genus Secale made by Feulgen microdensitometry ranged from 28.85 picograms (pg) in S. silvestre PBI R52 to 34.58 pg in S. vavilovii UM 2D49, compared with 33.14 pg in S. cereale cv. “Petkus Spring” which was used as a standard. Giemsa C-banding patterns showed considerable interspecific and intraspecific variation and several instances of polymorphism for large telomeric C-bands. The proportion of telomeric heterochromatin in the… CONTINUE READING