Variation in daily masticatory muscle activity in the rabbit.

  title={Variation in daily masticatory muscle activity in the rabbit.},
  author={Geerling E. J. Langenbach and Tim van Wessel and Peter Brugman and Theo M G J van Eijden},
  journal={Journal of dental research},
  volume={83 1},
The daily use of masticatory muscles remains largely unclear, since continuous recordings were limited in space and time. This study's purpose was to use radio-telemetry to examine daily muscle use and its inter- and intra-individual variations. A telemetric device was implanted into the rabbit masseter, and the transmitted signals were digitally stored for 7 days. Muscle use was analyzed by calculation of the total time each muscle was activated above 5, 20, and 50% of the day's peak activity… CONTINUE READING

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