Variation In Discharge With Other Parameter Constant


This paper deals with the study of variation in discharge with other parameter constant. In this paper the condition for the optimal trapezoidal round cornered Canal section having radius is less than depth of flow, considering the total cost of Optimal lined section per meter length has been developed. This method is based on trial and error numerical technique. Computer program is prepared in C language and the results are seen by variation in discharge with other parameter constant in two cases when r = f(y) and r = constant. For both cases graphs are p lotted and results have been observed. The effect of cost of curve has been seen on the Optimal cost of section. When r = f (y) and r = constant it is observed that for the same values of discharge, cost of side, cost of base, cost of curve the optimal cost of section and b/y ratio is found high in case of r = f (y) as compared to r = constant. The methodology can be used very conveniently by the designers to design the optimal Canal Section.

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