Variant GADL1 and response to lithium therapy in bipolar I disorder.

  title={Variant GADL1 and response to lithium therapy in bipolar I disorder.},
  author={Chien-Hsiun Chen and Chau-Shoun Lee and Ming-Ta Michael Lee and W C Ouyang and C C Chen and M. F.‐F. Chong and J Wu and Happy Kuy-Lok Tan and Yi-Ching Lee and L Chuo and N K Chiu and H F Tsang and Ta-Jen Chang and For-Wey Lung and Chen-huan Chiu and Cheng-Ho Chang and Ying-Sheue Chen and Yuh-Ming Hou and Cheng-Chung Chen and Te-jen Lai and Chun-Liang Tung and Chung-Ying Chen and H. Richard Lane and Tung-Ping Su and Jung Feng and Jin-Jia Lin and C Chang and Po-Ren Teng and Chia-Yih Liu and C K Chen and I-Chao Liu and Jiahn-Jyh Chen and Ti K Lu and Chun-Chieh Fan and Ching-Kuan Wu and Chang-Fang Li and Kathy Hsiao-Tsz Wang and Lawrence Shih-Hsin Wu and H Peng and Chun-Ping Chang and Liang-Suei Lu and Yuan-Tsong Chen and Andrew T. A. Cheng},
  journal={The New England journal of medicine},
  volume={370 2},
BACKGROUND Lithium has been a first-line choice for maintenance treatment of bipolar disorders to prevent relapse of mania and depression, but many patients do not have a response to lithium treatment. METHODS We selected subgroups from a sample of 1761 patients of Han Chinese descent with bipolar I disorder who were recruited by the Taiwan Bipolar Consortium. We assessed their response to lithium treatment using the Alda scale and performed a genomewide association study on samples from one… CONTINUE READING
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