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Variance-based global sensitivity analysis of numerical models using R

  title={Variance-based global sensitivity analysis of numerical models using R},
  author={Hossein Mohammadi and Peter Challenor and Cl{\'e}mentine Prieur},
Sensitivity analysis plays an important role in the development of computer models/simulators through identifying the contribution of each (uncertain) input factor to the model output variability. This report investigates different aspects of the variance-based global sensitivity analysis in the context of complex black-box computer codes. The analysis is mainly conducted using two R packages, namely sensobol (Puy et al., 2021) and sensitivity (Iooss et al., 2021). While the package sensitivity… 

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Results show that the joint modeling approach yields accurate sensitivity index estimators even when heteroscedasticity is strong, which is good news for stochastic computer codes, for which the result of each code run is itself random.

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Uncertainty Quantification and Global Sensitivity Analysis for Economic Models

This work proposes Sobol’ indices, which are based on variance decomposition, and exemplifies their use with a standard real business cycle model and uses this polynomial representation to evaluate the univariate effects, which can be interpreted as a robust impact of a parameter on the model conclusions.

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  • B. Sudret
  • Mathematics
    Reliab. Eng. Syst. Saf.
  • 2008

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