Variable stereochemistry in highly branched isoprenoids from diatoms.

  title={Variable stereochemistry in highly branched isoprenoids from diatoms.},
  author={Simon T Belt and W Guy Allard and Leslie Johns and Wilfried A. K{\"o}nig and Guillaume Mass{\'e} and J. M. Robert and Scott Rowland},
  volume={13 8},
C(25) highly branched isoprenoid (HBI) alkenes are ubiquitous lipids found in geochemical samples around the globe. The origins of these widespread geochemicals are believed to be restricted to a limited number of diatoms, including Haslea ostrearia (and related species), Rhizosolenia setigera, and Pleurosigma intermedium. The unsaturation of the HBI alkenes ranges from 2-6 in different species and cultures. The number of stereogenic centres is usually limited to two in the HBI alkenes due to… CONTINUE READING
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